There are many options for a high quality solution for the window space
The use of horizontal blinds is very practical as they have a very clear and versatile mechanism. This product consists of special plates called "lamellae" which are connected by a threaded system. This system is based on a principle that, with the help of a special tube, contributes to the rotation of the panels at the required angle and regulates the light flux. You can use the string at the top of the mechanism to raise and lower the blind and secure it at the desired height.
Currently, different blinds are available depending on the window configuration. We have been supplying and installing blinds for a long time, so we know exactly how to best mount the product on molten metal or wood windows. The shutters provide complete security against prying eyes and create comfort and privacy thanks to the tight fitting of the panels.

Vertical blinds

Lamellas made of fabric, plastic, aluminum are attached to the cornice. Manual or automatic control allows the lamellae to move to one side and turn around its axis.

Kinds: fabric,plastic,aluminum,multifactual

18 NZD 30%

12 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Roller blinds (blinds)

This is a single blade, fixed to the shaft. It is wound around the shaft and returned to its original position by a control chain or drive.

Kinds: standard,mini,Uni 1/2,day Night

24 NZD 30%

17 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Horizontal blinds

They are made of aluminum, wood, bamboo, PVC plastic. The lamella width varies from 16 mm to 50 mm. Fixed on a string ladder, horizontal blinds control the flow of light by rotating the lamellas around their axis up to 180 °.

Kinds: aluminum,wooden,isolite,interframe

25 NZD 30%

17 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Roman curtains

Contemporary Roman shades are a versatile combination of elegant style and functionality. They are window accessories that consist of a cornice and a canvas with inserts. When lifted, the fabric is laid evenly in horizontal folds.

116 NZD 30%

81 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Blinds with photo printing

The blinds are an ideal canvas for applying images. The width of the printer is 2 meters 40 cm. This is the maximum value of one side of the web. Photo printing looks great on cassette ones that cover each door separately and on free-hanging blinds.

84 NZD 30%

59 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Roman curtain

Roman shade 1 piece: The dense base of the Roman shade is decorated with a modern pattern. A ready-made roman blind with an assembly kit. For sizes up to 120 cm, the control will be rope, 140 chain.

44 NZD 30%

29 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Roller blind for kitchen

Mounting included: frame clip and adhesive tape included. Width 37 cm Height 160 cm Structure 100% Polyester Fabric manufacturer Russia vendor code 305164

78 NZD 30%

56 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Blinds "Aluminum (gold)"

Installation kit for aluminum blinds included. Lamella width: 25 mm. Width 50 cm Height 160 cm Structure Aluminum

54 NZD 50%

27 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical plastic blinds are similar in application and properties to metal ones. PVC and other types of plastic are resistant to fading in the sun, well protected from direct sunlight. Often used on windows in rooms with high humidity, temperature extremes or increased requirements for sanitary standards.

44 NZD 50%

22 NZD

Measurement + Delivery + Installation = 0 nzd.

Horizontal shutters - and the neighbors no longer live with you

Horizontal blinds are the best solution for decorating the window space. Our company is a reliable supplier of shutters made in Poland, which are characterized by high quality, reliability and practicality.

We were chosen because we offer high quality service, competitive prices and exceptional quality products. It is no secret that horizontal shutters were the first to reach the Ukrainian market and have since significantly improved their appearance. Within our company, you have the opportunity to order blinds of different colors, from natural to eye-catching shades, as well as to stylize wood. The main advantage of our products is the reliability of durable and wear-resistant mechanisms.

The company only employs professionals who know the shades of blinds and shutters for home or office use. When you order, our masters will go to your home to measure the window or any other room where the shutters are located. This is done in order to select the shutter configuration as accurately as possible and to offer a variety of options on site to select the best color and texture for the product.

Standard aluminum horizontal blinds

Conventional aluminum horizontal blinds are the most cost-effective and most widely used options for sun protection systems. There is not a single person who has not looked at the horizontal shutters at least once in his life. Because of their simplicity, ease of use and very easy maintenance, they have won the hearts of millions of people. Even with the light movements of your child’s hand, you can transform the flaming, bright and burning rays of the sun with soft and comfortable light that offers you comfort and friendliness.

The most common way to install horizontal aluminum blinds is to attach the blind holder directly to the window, just above the glass. But sometimes the blinds are placed directly above the opening, thus covering the whole opening with a canvas. Due to the fact that you can change the angle of the slats in the horizontal shutter - you can adjust the intensity of the light at your own discretion - from saturated light to twilight, which significantly reduces the room temperature.

For more comfortable use, the aluminum shutters of the standard system can also be fitted with a line or fishing line so that the shutters are fixed in parallel to the window or sash and do not hang in the cover. When the window is in the open position, the shutters do not lower. When measuring, the master can get to know the lamellar samples, which are 25 mm and 16 mm in size and differ in color. Thanks to the wide selection, the shutters can be chosen for any design and interior. Many residents of Kharkov have already purchased the horizontal blinds of the usual system and not only made their homes and offices more stylish, but also protected them from the scorching sun.